Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Weeks

Well, with another school year comes a new background design for the blog.  I'm terrible at manipulating anything blog-related, so changing the background is as exciting as it gets for me.  It's just a place for me to write, so I guess that's okay.  Even though it's still July, summer is already slipping away.  I am, in no way, referring to the heat.  That seems to be sticking around for awhile.  But it seems like it's finally that part of summer when we start to wish for cool breezes and cardigans, for changing leaves and football games.  Looking at my calendar yesterday reminded me that there are only three weeks left until school starts.

Three weeks.  Three weeks to plan all those lessons I was going to get ahead on over the summer.  Three weeks to soak up these last few lazy weekends at the lake and days at the pool.  Why does summer seem to slide by so fast?  Today, I finally got my classroom all clean and organized, and for the first time, it felt like I was standing in MY classroom.  Not someone else's room that I happen to be teaching in, but my very own space with my very own desk and my very own students.  This exact same thought passed through my mind in June and I immediately got overwhelmed.  I had no idea how I would ever get it all together.  However, after working today I felt less overwhelmed and more capable.  It's amazing what a little ownership of space can do for the mind.  Don't get me wrong, there is still work to do, but boxes are unpacked and all my books say "Ms. Herring" inside the cover.  I had big plans to write my welcome letter to parents as soon as I got home, but of course, I had to watch Iron Chef America and blog first.  It's all about baby steps.  I'm going back to school on Wednesday to hang posters and put some finishing touches on things.  I'm so excited for fall--the cooler weather, the football games, the changing leaves, and all the organized chaos of embarking on my first adventure in teaching solo.

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